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Consumer Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can happen to anyone. And it is a difficult and emotional place to find yourself. Whether the circumstance happens through the loss of employment, the death of a loved one, illness, divorce or accident, one can be left with no money to support themselves or their family.

But, you have options. Before you file for bankruptcy, it is important you understand the ramifications, what to expect from the process and to determine whether or not bankruptcy is truly the right plan of action for you. My office offers free initial consultations to help you determine the best way to get back on firm financial ground, with flexible payment plans and competitive fee quotes.


This most common form of personal bankruptcy was designed to provide individuals with a way to eliminate their debt and get a fresh start after experiencing financial hardship – most commonly including unemployment, divorce, a severe medical issue or the death of a financial partner. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy allows you to keep your personal belongings, car, pension, 401(k) and IRA, while eliminating most debts, such as: CHAPTER 13 BANKRUPTCY

When a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will not work, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is the solution – designed to help you re-organize your bills, reduce high credit card interest, and stop foreclosure, repossession and garnishment proceedings. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be the best solution if you are working and have some assets, yet you are:

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