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Do I need an attorney for my real estate transaction?

Yes! Every real estate transaction you make will likely be one of the largest legal and financial transactions you will experience. Real estate contracts are some of the most complicated legal documents in the industry. That's why even some of the most experienced real estate professionals make sure they have a real estate attorney review their contract. Because having guidance as to what you're signing is vital to making decisions that are in YOUR best interest.


Services for Property Sellers Include: Services for Property Buyers Include: Fixed Affordable Fees:
My fee for closing services is normally fixed, ranging from $450-$2,500. Discounts may apply to dual closings for those buying and selling property at the same time. Certain extraneous factors will affect this fixed fee, but you will know this ahead of time. There won't be any surprises.


Services for Property Sellers and Property Buyers Include: Fixed Affordable Fees:
My fee will range between $750 and $5,000, depending on the complexity of the transaction. This fee does not include additional transaction costs, such as: title, survey, realtor fees, transfer stamps and fees, zoning certifications, water certifications, inspection fees, recording fees, State of Illinois policy tax, State of Illinois transfer tax, county transfer tax, and city or village taxes.

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