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If I die without an estate plan, can the State steal my assets?

Absolutely not. That is only a myth. But, you DO need the services of a qualified legal professional to help make sure your estate gets distributed in the precise way you want. There are many tools you can use to set up your estate plan, including: wills, trust, joint tenancy declarations, and new to Illinois, transfer on death instruments. While your estate plan can be as simple or complex as you wish to make it, it is most important that it meets your needs.

Fixed Affordable Fees:
Planning an estate is unique to each individual. Generally, a simple will for one person starts around $300, while wills for a married couple with containing contingent trusts for minor children are generally $600. I offer a free consultation to discuss your situation and to provide you with the costs and fees for your circumstances ahead of time.

A will tells the world what you want to have happen to your belongings and assets, as well as indicates who you want to be in charge of your estate, and names guardians and executors for your children. Without a will, the Court will award assets to your heirs regardless of your desire or intent and may determine who becomes guardian of your children. That is why creating a will is so important and beneficial.

Setting up a trust allows you to designate, protect and manage assets as financial gifts that are to be dispersed at some time in the future, for example: once a child reaches adulthood. There are many types of trusts to choose from, and it can be difficult to know when a trust is needed, or often more importantly, when it is not needed. I'm here to help.

Probate Administration is often the simplest and least expensive method to distribute wealth and property from one generation to the next, depending on your particular circumstances. Despite the many myths of probate, it can be the best tool to facilitate the transfer of property and to settle the claims of creditors.

A Power of Attorney allows you to designate who you want to make health decisions and/or manage your finances on your behalf if you are unable to while you are alive.

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